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Aga Spares
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Product SKU: A1841

AGA Wire Brush

Ideal For Hotplates
inc. VAT
Manufacturer: AGA

The steel bristles on this AGA brush make it the ideal tool for cleaning the hotplate and brushing out carbonised spills from the ovens quick and easy - keeping your AGA or Rayburn looking at its best.

AGA Product Code
Models This Spare Part Fits
360K 360D, GC Open Flue, GC Aims Open Flue, GCB Open Flue, GEB Open Flue, GE Open Flue, GE Aims Open Flue, GC Balanced Flue, GCB Balanced Flue, GE Balanced Flue, GEB Balanced Flue, GC3 Open Flue, GC3 Aims Open Flue, GC3 Power Flue, GC3 Aims Power Flue, OC, OCB, OE, 30 Amp Ee, OEB, 13 Amp 3 Oven, 13 Amp 3 Oven Aims, 13 Amp 4 Oven Aims, 13 Amp 2 Oven Aims, E Deluxe, C CB Deluxe, 13 Amp 2 Oven Non Aims, 13 Amp 4 Oven Non Aims, DE, DC, 13 Amp 2 Oven Lm, 13 Amp 4 Oven Lm, OC3, AGa DuAL Control, AGa City 60 (Contemporary & TraditionAL), AGa DC3G, AGa DC3 Gas Power Flue ? Usa, AGa DC3 Electric ? Usa, AGa City24, DC3 Gas ConventionAL Flue, AGa City 60-24

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