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Aga Spares

Intelligent Management - AIMS

AIMS is a intelligent device that allows you to program the temperature output of your AGA cooker. It's simple to use and flexible enough to fit with today's busy lifestyle.

AGA 13A AIMS Handset


inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5439

AGA 13A AIMS Handset


inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5608

AGA 13A AIMS Vent Fan Neon

Indicator Lamp

inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5214

AGA 13A Compact Fan

Cooling Fan

inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5219

AGA 13A Control Plate


inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5441

AGA 13A Housing Cover

Control Board Cover

inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5487

AGA AIMS 2/4 Oven Thermocouple

inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5177

AGA AIMS 3 Oven Thermocouple

inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5176

AGA AIMS Finger Guard Cover

inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5392

AGA AIMS Gas Thermocouple

Thermocouple c/w Flue Stat Leads

inc. VAT
Product SKU: A5364

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