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AGA Door Lining

Roasting Oven
AGA A1482
Price inc. VAT: £22.42
Sales Price inc. VAT: £19.16

This door lining is for the roasting oven door on post 1974 models only. It has curved edges and rounded corners.

AGA Product Code
Models This Spare Part Fits
GC Open Flue, GC Aims Open Flue, GCB Open Flue, GC Balanced Flue, GCB Balanced Flue, GC3 Open Flue, GC3 Aims Open Flue, GC3 Power Flue, GC3 Aims Power Flue, OC, OCB, OE, OEB, 13 Amp 3 Oven, 13 Amp 3 Oven Aims, 13 Amp 4 Oven Aims, 13 Amp 2 Oven Aims, 13 Amp 2 Oven Non Aims, 13 Amp 4 Oven Non Aim, 13 Amp 2 Oven Lm, 13 Amp 4 Oven Lm, OC3, GEB Open Flue, GE Open Flue, GE Aims Open Flue, GE Balanced Flue, GEB Blanced Flue, 30 Amp Ee, TC3 EXT Vent, E Deluxe, C CB Deluxe, DE, DC, AGa DuAL Control, TC3 Room Vent Option, TC3 EXT Vent, AGa DC3G, AGa DC3 Gas Power Flue ? Usa, AGa DC3 Electric ? Usa, AGa TC3 ? Usa, DC3 Gas ConventionAL Flue, AGa City 60-24
SKU: A1482