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Aga Spares


Product SKU: R3029

AGA Insulating Lid Handle Cup

Supports Spring Handle
inc. VAT
Manufacturer: AGA

This lid handle cup supports the spring coil handle on the lids. It is suitable for a wide range of AGAs and Rayburns. Each handle will require two cups.

AGA Product Code
Models This Spare Part Fits
368K, 400K OF, 345W 355SFW, 208G 208L, 410K, GC Open Flue, GCB Open Flue, GEB Open Flue, GE Open Flue, GC Balanced Flue, GCB Balanced Flue, GE Balanced Flue, GEB Balanced Flue, GC3 Open Flue, GC3 Power Flue, OC, OCB, OE, 30 Amp Ee, OEB, 13 Amp 2 Oven Non Aims, 13 Amp 4 Oven Aims, DE, DC, AGa DuAL Control, AGa DC3G, AGa DC3 Gas Power Flue - Usa, AGa DC3 Electric - Usa, DC3 Gas ConventionAL Flue, 300K, 308K, 440K 460K 480K 499K BF, 440K 460K 480K 499K OF, 400K PF, 200 212 SFW, 216 SFW, 300W, 600K, 480AG 480AI, 800M,660K 680K 699K OF, 680K CD, 680K CD CF, 400G OF, 400G PF, 200 G 200L, 480CD, 400K MKI OF, 480K MKI, 208K, 370 SFW, 700K, 760 780 799K, 780KCD CF, 780KCD, GC Aims Open Flue, GE Aims Open Flue, GC3 Aims Open Flue, GC3 Aims Power Flue, 13 Amp 3 Oven, 13 Amp 3 Oven Aims, 13 Amp 4 Oven Aims, 13 Amp 2 Oven Aims, TC3 EXT Vent, E Deluxe, C CB Deluxe, 13 Amp 2 Oven Lm, 13 Amp 4 Oven Lm, OC3, TC3 Room Vent Option, TC3 EXT Vent, AGa City 60 (Contemporary & TraditionAL), AGa TC3 - Usa, AGa City24

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Honeywell XC70 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is a carbon monoxide alarm with a sealed in long life battery which lasts for 7 years. It can be wirelessly interlinked with other Honeywell alarms using the XW100 wireless module.

  • Battery powered - sealed lithium long-life battery
  • Certified for use in caravans, boats, and domestic applications
  • Separate coloured status LEDs for Alarm, Power, Fault and Ventilate
  • Free standing or wall mounting

£ 19.99 inc. VAT