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Aga Spares

Comeragh SF 47K De-luxe

Genuine Comeragh SF 47K De-luxe range cooker spares ranging from hob fixing screws to ash pits, all are available the next day from ABGO the UK Leading Distributor of Waterford Stanley Brandon parts.

Stanley 10mm Hob Fixing Screw

inc. VAT
Product SKU: W00920AXX

Stanley Angle Bracket

inc. VAT
Product SKU: F00057AXX

Stanley Ash Pit Bottom

inc. VAT
Product SKU: Q00118AXX

Stanley Ash Pit Side (left)

inc. VAT
Product SKU: Q00117AXX

Stanley Ash Pit Side (right)

inc. VAT
Product SKU: Q00116AXX

Stanley Ashpit Back

inc. VAT
Product SKU: Q00115BXX

Stanley Back Panel Left Hand

inc. VAT
Product SKU: F00062BXX

Stanley Back Panel Right Hand

inc. VAT
Product SKU: F00056CXX

Stanley Baffle Tool

For Large Baffle

inc. VAT
Product SKU: F00063AXX

Stanley Bar Fire Standard

Donard Star Solid Fuel Winter

inc. VAT
Product SKU: Q00148AXX

Stanley Base

inc. VAT
Product SKU: Q00146CXX

Stanley Boiler 47K

inc. VAT
Product SKU: F00201EXX

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