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Aga Spares


Genuine Spares for the now discontinued AGA Berrington cast iron stove. AGA Berrington stove parts are available including enamel panels, grates and door glass from the leading AGA Rayburn Parts.

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AGA Berrington Air Control Damper

Berrington Air Damper

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1867

AGA Berrington Air Control Stat Knob

AGA Berrington Black Thermostat Stat Control Knob

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1868

AGA Berrington Air Control Stat Plate

Berrington Air Controller Plate

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1960

AGA Berrington Air Duct Long Clamp

Berrington Duct Clamp

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2052

AGA Berrington Air Duct Top

Berrington Air Duct

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1929

AGA Berrington Air Slide Sub Assembly

Berrington Air Slide Plate

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1874

AGA Berrington Air Wash Casting

Berrington Air Wash Frame

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1999

AGA Berrington Ash Compartment

Berrington Ashpit Frame

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2051

AGA Berrington Ash Door Handle

Berrington Ashtray Handle

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1959

AGA Berrington Ashpan

Berrington Ash Collector

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1886

AGA Berrington Ashpit Door

Berrington Ash Door

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1957

AGA Berrington Ashtray Gloss Black

Berrington Enamel Ashtray

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1917

AGA Berrington Ashtray Matt Black

Berrington Black Enamel Ashtray

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1905

AGA Berrington Ashtray Unpainted

Berrington Ashtray Bare

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2161

AGA Berrington Back Brick

Berrington Rear Fire Brick

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2003

AGA Berrington Cranked Hinge

Berrington Door Hinge

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1956

AGA Berrington Door Latch

Berrington Door Lock

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1825

AGA Berrington Driven Rocker Bar

Berrington Riddling Bar

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2008

AGA Berrington External Air Wash Casting

Berrington Air Wash Casing

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2140

AGA Berrington Fire Fence

Berrington Front Fire Fence

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1875

AGA Berrington Fire Fence Retainer

Berrington Fence Retaining Plate

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2010

AGA Berrington Flexi Drive

Berrington Riddling Rod

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C1912

AGA Berrington Flue Spigot

Berrington Flue Adaptor

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2087

AGA Berrington Front Brick

Berrington Front Fire Brick

inc. VAT
Product SKU: C2067
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Honeywell XC70 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is a carbon monoxide alarm with a sealed in long life battery which lasts for 7 years. It can be wirelessly interlinked with other Honeywell alarms using the XW100 wireless module.

  • Battery powered - sealed lithium long-life battery
  • Certified for use in caravans, boats, and domestic applications
  • Separate coloured status LEDs for Alarm, Power, Fault and Ventilate
  • Free standing or wall mounting

£ 19.99 inc. VAT